Roads are excellent, especially big flat multilane newly paved ones. Few obstacles, lots of room, nice shoulders in case of emergency.


Crooked, hilly, rocky, nasty paths, are not nice. It?s hard work traversing dangerous, difficult paths.

Except those ?difficult? paths are usually the best. They provide the memories, the most incredible views, and take you to places that very few get to experience.

As with so many things, the less popular option is the often the best option. Why then, do so few choose that path?

Because it?s freaking hard. People like the easy button, the like to be able to reach over while sitting on the couch and hit that suck without even getting up. The difficult path is so good partly because it?s so difficult.

Next time you find yourself on the easy path, ask yourself, is this the path I want to be on, or am I looking for something a little more challenging.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

The best path is rarely easy or straight.

Enjoy the struggle, enjoy the curviness, enjoy the difficult nature of an amazing journey.

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