They can steal, trick, borrow, beg, and take it all.

Well, not everything.

They can?t steal your memories.

The time you share with friends and family, the time you invest in your kids and enjoy with your spouse. That time, those memories, are yours forever. No one can take them from you.

Those memories are a precious thing. Far more valuable that houses, cars, airplanes, and fancy clothes. That road trip you spent with your family, the trips to the coffee shop with your son, or the date night with daddy with your daughter. Those memories are what you can keep.

There?s something else about memories that makes them amazing as well. Memories are shared, experiencing life together with friends and family creates human bonds ?through? the shared memories together. Nothing else comes close to the experience of making memories with the ones you love.

Are you creating opportunities to make memories?


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: 


Create opportunity to make memories. 

Life is a quick blur on the trail of time, make sure you?re creating memories. They?re the only things that last.

My 13 year old and his dog jogging through #shevlinpark in #bendoregon .

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