Mind the details. Success dictates every detail be scrutinized.


I had the opportunity to meet & visit with Michael Etzel, the founder and owner of Beaux Freres winery. He is an amazing man, who cares deeply about the details, he wouldn?t hire Sloppiness either.

Sloppiness never accomplished much. When you first meet him, you might find Sloppiness a bit smelly, poorly dressed, and you might even catch a whiff of a stinky odor.

Doesn?t sound too good to me.

Sloppiness is an average guy, his house is a mess, his projects aren?t typically done on time, or quite to spec. He loves his family but doesn?t do much to show it, or invest in them. Sloppiness never knows why he does what he does, and he doesn?t like to dress up or work hard to accomplish something out of his comfort zone.

Sloppiness is not someone that I would hire, and he is not someone that I would want to build a business with. In fact, whenever I see Sloppiness headed my way, I turn the other way to avoid him, he?s just not that great to be around.

Success requires a high degree of precision. Sloppiness is not even allowed in the room if Success is around. Details must be attended to, mistakes can?t be afforded, there is too much on the line, too much at stake.

Is your name Sloppiness, do you know him?


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: 


Mind the details. Success dictates every detail be scrutinized.

Incredible #wine #barreltasting at Beaux Freres with Michael Etzel

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