How often do you listen. How often do you pay attention to the doubters, the naysayers. Do the haters influence you?


Why do you care what they think. Why does it bother you if they don?t believe in you, your vision, your dreams?

They don?t know you know, they don?t know if you?re right of they?re right. YOU do know however, you do know that your right, that your dream is different, and that you can make something amazing. You CAN do something amazing.

If you work hard enough, if you dream big enough, and if you care about what they think little enough, they you will accomplish what you?ve set out to accomplish.

You will.

If you listen to them though, you will not.

It?s that simple, no matter what, don?t let them stop you!


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: 

No matter what, don?t let them stop you.

Sawyer is 9, he is learning to stand on his own two feet, take responsibility for himself, and make it happen.

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