It?s hard work getting something off the ground. It?s hard work getting your idea from ?idea? to ?real business? then ?profitable real business?.

It takes HUSTLE. That?s the buzzword for 2017 anyway. Wow, I see a zillion posts on Instagram and Twitter #hustle this and #hustle that.

Yep, it?s not wrong really, to take your dream and make it ?real? takes a CRAZY amount of hustle.

You have to be willing to do what others would never do, work harder than anyone else would work, and keep your belief when all others are in doubt.


There?s some caution though.

Be careful. Don?t let the real life ?hustle? of building you dream cause you to forget your ?actual life?.

Your friends, family, you know, the ?reason? you?re doing what you?re doing in the first place. Don?t be like so many and sacrifice what matters most to accomplish the goal.

Don?t be the one that looks back with regret at all the relationships sacrificed, and all the people you stepped on, and all the ?life? you missed with your #hustle.

It?s so very very hard to recognize this is happening while it?s happening. Why is that? Because the hustle is legit. You really do need to work harder than everyone else to make it happen. In the midst of that, it?s so freakishly easy to lose sight of what matters most.


Don?t forget to stop, take a break, live your real life, enjoy your friends, family, kids, the hobbies you love. Don?t wait for ?someday?.

Your life is not guaranteed, you don?t know if you?ll have tomorrow, so take advantage of today. Work hard, but play hard. Hustle for sure, but enjoy your life, and make memories with the ones you love.

If you do, you will NOT look back and regret the memories, you just won?t.

Make sure and stop and enjoy the view.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Hustling? Make sure and take in the view!

Beautiful #threesisters #wilderness at 9500 feet!

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