Invest in YOUR future.

I don?t mean, ?save money, diversify your portfolio, and create multiple streams of income.? (however really; freaking do those things for sure.)

I mean, invest in your future by the things you do.

There is nothing more value to you, nothing as limited, nothing as precious as your time.

How do you spend that precious resource? Are you spending it on Netflix binges, football games, and Facebook surfing?

If you found out today that you were dying next week, would you feel good about how you ?invested? your time from the last 12 months.

How you spend your time, brainpower, and effort on matters.

It REALLY freaking matters a lot. You have a set number of days here on earth, and neither you, nor your doctor, nor your family knows how many days you will be here. You DO know that it?s limited though. You do know that you ?only have so many.?

How are you investing them? Invest in what will last! Invest in your spiritual relationship, your marriage, your children, your business. Make memories with friends and family. Teach the next generation, share your wisdom, your knowledge, and your experience.

You are special, you are unique and you have a purpose in this world.

Get off the freaking couch, shut off game of thrones, and do something that will make a difference for your future, something that will outlast ?you.?

Invest in the future.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Invest in the future.

NEVER get stuck in the past, invest in the future; yourself, your family, your business? YOUR FUTURE.

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