It?s gonna happen. At some point it?s gonna happen.

Business will kick you right in the balls. HARD.

You?re gonna face a situation where the ?easy? path will not be the ?right? path. You?re gonna even get advice to do something that actually makes sense but is not ?right.?

You?re going to evaluate your options, and there will be a choice that actually seems like a good option to take, a good path, a path deserving of the situation.

Except, the path is not right. It?s going to be questionable from the standpoint of honesty, of ethics, of doing the right thing by your fellow man.

Your advisors might even recommend it.

Your ?moral? friends may say it?s the right choice.

Your attorney might even say it?s totally legal, and it probably will be.

If you choose it you will probably be ?better off.?

Which is why it will be hard, VERY hard to choose the right path, because the right path is often the harder path, the path where YOU make more sacrifices, where you suffer when you didn?t ?need? do.

But it IS the RIGHT path.

Do not sacrifice truth, do not sacrifice morals, do not give up what you know to be the right thing to do. Your personal journey, conscience and ethics are more important than the hardship of choosing the ?wrong? choice.

Stand firm in your convictions. When the rest of the world is pushing and advising you to take the easy path, the wrong path, remain strong in what?s true noble and right.


Embrace TRUTH through STRENGTH


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Embrace Truth Through Strength.

Business will push you to challenging circumstances. No matter how difficult it gets never ever sacrifice your morals or ethics.

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