You know the days when you?re really tired, you?re just wiped out from the difficulties of life. The times when your legs feel like mush, you?re not sure you can actually continue, but you?re not anywhere near the end.

You?re overwhelmed, you?re under prepared, and under motivated.

Things are not going well, and you have such a long way to go.

Those are the times we it?s most important to not quit, not even rest.


One Word.


Momentum is one of, if not THE most under-appreciated elements of success in life and business.

If you stop, if you fail to continue moving forward and pushing on, you will loose momentum, you will loose the drive, the energy, the forward movement that might be the only thing actually keeping you moving.

You will loose all that. The world is going to try and work against you. When you are in that low spot, things will get extra hard, more things will go wrong, and more people you thought you could trust will turn their backs on you.

It?s just you and your momentum.

So for your own sake, DO NOT STOP, keep going. Winston Churchill once said ?If you?re going through hell, KEEP GOING?. When times are the worst, it?s the most important to press on. It?s the hardest time YES, but it?s the most important time. It?s also when you?ll learn the fastest, grow the most, and gain the greatest amount of wisdom.

It?s the trial that will develop you into something incredible.

So please, press on, push on, and do not give up.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:


Life has a way of tossing crap in your face when you least expect it. PRESS ONWARD ANYWAY. Love early an morning run to bring clarity to a busy mind. 

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