Sometimes we hit walls. Sometimes we come up to barriers that we can?t seem to pass. When you come to the ?impasse? you have a choice.

You might, at first, feel as though you do not have a choice. This is natural, I mean after all you are stuck right there, between that freaking rock, and that stupid hard place.

Not ideal of course.

So what do you do?

Most quit, give up, they stop. It?s the easy way right, I mean, no one will blame you, no one would hold you accountable if you quit, after all, you are at the ?impasse right.? I mean crud, it?s freaking scary to try and do anything else.

You might make it worse, or screw up more, or maybe it will become obvious you don?t know what you?re doing, or crap, maybe everyone will find out you?re just not as great as your Facebook profile would indicate.


It?s our greatest inhibition, our greatest limiter to doing something great. It causes paralysis, and dog gone fear wants nothing more than to prevent you from doing something amazing.

So your solution?

Leap right over the bastard and do something amazing anyway.

Take the chance, risk when others say you?re foolish, jump right past the fences that are holding you in.

You might screw up, you might trip, and you might fail again, but you might not. You might just jump right past what?s holding you back, and kick some ass, and do something no one is expecting, least of all you.

It?s the path to something incredible, it?s hard, it?s fraught with troubles, so start leaping.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Leap over your inhibitions.

My son and daughter (13 & 16) always reminding me to embrace life. I just don?t care what the world around me thinks, just going for it!

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