Do you know what it takes to succeed at creating something new and amazing?

Purpose, it takes purpose.

Sure a lot of businesses can be created and successful with hard work. Don?t get me wrong, hard work is a prerequisite for anything of significance to workout. So hard work is required, but by itself is not enough. At least not enough if you?re trying to do something really amazing, something really different, something new and exciting.

But with purpose?

Hmm, yea with purpose everything just starts to make sense. When things get so hard it feels impossible to even go on, purpose will carry you. When you are hit with the barrage of haters and doubters telling you that what you?re doing is dumb and won?t work, purpose will carry you through. Purpose, gives, well purpose to your work.

Ya know what else? Tenacity. You need tenacity. I?m not just talking about pushing hard, or working long hours, I?m talking about the kind of tenacity that irritates the hell out of everyone around you until they finally just cave and join your movement.

The kind of tenacity that caused people like Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, and The Write Brothers to go when everyone else said stop.

They went, they succeeded through their failures and the triumphed, with Purposeful Tenacity.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Purpose & Tenacity

Take time to know your #purpose, hang on tight and follow with #tenacious pursuit.

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