You don?t have to have it all figured out you know. You don?t have to have all the answers all the time. Life is complex, there?s a lot out there that you simply can?t explain, you simply can?t predict, and you?ll never understand.

That?s ok.

It?s ok, to not have everything figured out, in fact, it?s part of life?s joy. The joy of some things being mysteries, and staying mysteries. It allows us to find joy and wonder in everything around us.

It?s easy to forget this. It?s easy to loose site of the wonder of of not knowing, the wonder of anticipation of something new. Life and business tend to take over, they cause pain, suffering, and busyness.

The default human approach to solving this is to either A: complain and whine or B: ignore, and lean in.

Both are bad, neither ok OR productive.

If you are the ?whine and complain crowd, just stop right now. Everybody has a hard time, we all have the same 24 hours, if your default response when things get hard is to complain about it, I can assure you NO ONE wants to hear about. No one actually cares either, even if they act like they do, trust me most likely they don?t.

If you are the ?Ignore and lean in? crowd, you need to be very careful. This can be dangerous as well.

It?s so easy to let the harshness of life callus us as people. Harden us, cause us to lose sight of the ?why? we do what we do. We lean in, we toughen up, and we push through. ALL good things in the right context, but sometimes it?s important to rest, take in the view, take a breath, and let life slow down just a bit.

It?ll be waiting for you ya know, all that ?stuff? you need to do. It?s not going anywhere, you can pick it up in a few minutes, or days, but for right this moment, just take a breath, enjoy the view.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Enjoy simple mysteries.

While you?re cranking, don?t forget to stop and enjoy the view.

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