It?s easy to get caught in the humdrum grey parts of life. There are so many times when it?s all you can do just to make it through the week.

When your goal needs to be as simple as, get up, make it through the day, go to bed.

It get?s difficult at times, it really does, and all the zippity doo dah hyper happy optimistic idiots out there that tell you that ?it?s all good? should really shut their yappers!

Sometimes ?it?s NOT all good.? Sometimes it sucks. There are times when all the color of your life get?s sucked out of your day to day existence.

However, so many get pulled into the grey funk of pessimism full time.

This is also not ok.

Over the last 20 years of doing life and business in a very serious way I can tell you that the key to making it through these difficult times is always perspective and context.

The maturity of an individual can often be seen through their ability to see beyond the present circumstance, or limited context of what?s happening right here at right this second. To be able to see color beneath the grey. To embrace what we know to be true about the world around us in the midst of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The world is full of crap, yep, it?s true, but the world is also full of color, wonderful color and variety. It?s full of opportunity, wonder, and amazing people. They ARE there. They are often not easy to see, but trust me they are there.

Please make the effort to see the color underneath, behind, and just beyond the grey that surrounds you. Let the color of life invigorate you.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Let the color of life invigorate you.

Fall in #bend #oregon is on of my favorites. Doing what matters is always hard, I try and take time to stop and enjoy the color of life often. It breathes life into the dark hard times.

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