I have been around the block ya know, this ain?t my first rodeo honey. What I have seen, what I have endured, what I have risen above has been hard. But it?s been good too.

Not everything that is hard is good, but from my experience just about everything that?s good is hard, at least some of the time.

So for most, they just don?t do it. They just don?t do what they are called to do, they don?t live for any particular purpose, they just drift, cause dangit, drifting is EASY. It?s so much less painful than purposefully working day after thankless day struggling to do what you?ve been called to do.

So then, how to endure?

Well some people make it through solo, some even prefer it. For me, I have tried hard to find amazing people, people that I can count on, surround myself with them, and journey with them.

There?s a simple truth that I have found, that nothing is as powerful as finding people that are worth going through hell for and with, and then trudging through this life with them linked arm in arm.

Find them; it may be a lifelong friend, it may be a business partner, it may be a spouse, but find them, cherish them, and above all DO NOT TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED.

The ones that are closest, the ones that we care the most about, are often the first to get the worst from us when things get difficult. They are often the ones that ?feel? the most negative energy, and hear the most negative words.

This is a hard truth of life, so please, PLEASE try not to live that way, make sure you?re putting the very people that you care about most ahead of yourself, even when life is hardest.

They just might need to carry you through when you can no longer walk on your own.

Find them, treasure them.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagra?m.com/p/BLwAO4Mgyjl/

Find them, treasure them.

My wonderful wife of 20 years and I in the Redwoods.

Find the people in your life that make life worth doing. If you?re doing something important it will be hard and suck sometimes, no way around that simple truth. It?s important to find the people that are worth going through hell for and with.

You will NOT regret this.

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