Knowing what you know now, it?s powerful. It would have been so amazing to know it then. When you started, when you needed to know.

You didn?t though.

You didn?t know then what you know now. You simply didn?t have the luxury of the experience and wisdom that you have now. So what are you doing with that knowledge. What are you doing with the things you have learned through difficult and easy times. The wisdom you gained through the pain of learning the hard hard way.

Do you share, do you teach?

For all the people out there that are younger, just starting, with so much energy and excitement, they need a little of that wisdom from you, please invest in them. You?ll be investing in yourself at the same time. It?s important, and it?s worth it.

Invest well because hindsight is always 20/20


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Hindsight is always 20/20.

#hindsight is always so clear after you?ve gone through an experience. Make sure you #learn and don?t make the same #mistakes the next time around!

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