Day after day, mile after mile.

Life can get busy, DARN busy. In fact so many wear their busyness like a badge of honor.


Do you know why you do what you do?

Is there a purpose behind the busy, behind the constant barrage of ?stuff? that must be done?

Take time to pause for a moment, take time to breathe.

It?s often in the pause when you do your best thinking. In the moments of rest and pondering when the greatest problems are solved, and the most inspiring dreams are dreamt.

If you don?t stop to breathe, you won?t experience the blessing of the rest. Your mind won?t be free to create something new, or solve that problem that?s vexed you for weeks.

If you don?t take the time to stop and let your mind wander, wander it will not.

Missing that opportunity might be the greatest mistake you?ll never know.

It takes purpose and deliberate effort to stop though, I?ll be the first to admit it. It?s almost addicting to ?always be on? to ?always be hustling?. In fact we can get into the mindset that any rest is actually laziness.

Stopping is for the weak.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us that have learned the power of resting, breathing, meditating, getting up early and doing nothing other than watching the sun rise know, oh how we know.

If you don?t know, you should find out.

Take time to breathe.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Breathe deeply and press on.

Make sure and take the time to pause and take a breath now and then.

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