I?m not saying it?s not going to be hard though.

?I freaking can?t WAIT until my kids are out of the house? she said with a serious look, the kind of look that you know you shouldn?t question.

It was the same response I?ve gotten many times. Here?s another one, ?How old are your kids??

?16,13, 9, & &? I reply.

?Oh man, having teenagers sucks huh, I bet you?re counting the days!?

Actually I?m not.

Actually having teenagers doesn?t suck.

I?m not saying it?s not hard, it IS going to be hard. Nothing worth doing is easy though, it?s hard because it?s good.

Good things are often hard. It?s an unfortunate truism of life.

My children are my greatest opportunity to make a dent in the world, to make a difference, to impact people in a positive way.

THAT DOES NOT MEAN that I guilt trip, ?crazy perfect? pressure, force them into being something they are not.

SO MANY get this wrong, it?s a case of two extremes. On one side you have parents that don?t care at all, they leave the ?child rearing and teaching? to the school system. Then there is the other side of ?Honey you need to study hard, put in the 15 hour days of school work, cause that?s the only way you’re gonna pass the Bar Exam by the time your 17.?

Both are out of balance.

Investing in your kids is about spending time with them, teaching them, loving them, helping them discover who THEY are, and then helping them grow into the best version of that possible. NOT your vision of what you want them to be, the best version of who THEY are.

Get this right PLEASE for the sake of us all, because in a few short years, your kids and mine will be running the show around here, there are a lot of problems they need to tackle, and you and me are their chance at being ready to take it on!

INVEST in the future generation!


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMfA5kFgZLV/

Invest in the next generation, the greatest investment you can make is time.

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