It?s an interesting thing; the way humans are.


SO different from each other. As I?ve gotten older I have come to understand and experience that each and every person on this earth has something to offer their fellow man. They have something a little different, made with a slightly different recipe, and when applied, that recipe is amazing, collaborative, useful.


This is true for those walking from one meeting to the next on the sidewalks of wall street, and equally true for the person repairing the roof of a grass hut deep in the African outback.

EVERY single person has value, has purpose, and something to offer.

It?s just that most, (and when I say most I mean 99% of the 7 billion people out there) do not realize this. They do not believe in their individualization, they don?t believe in their uniqueness.

The word ?tragic? doesn?t do this problem justice. Instead of embracing who they are, the majority conform, fit in, blend. They ?bend? to the will of the masses.

They read, they watch, they imitate and conform.

They ignore who they are, who God made them to be, they miss their purpose, and it?s sad.

What would the world look like if collectively we all just didn?t freakin care what the world was doing, what it thought, what the polls said, and what the trending thing was. What if we only paid attention to our own unique DNA. What we loved, and were amazing at, and learned how to use those gifts together with others to do something amazing.

What would the world look like if we just? What if?

It would be something wouldn?t it?

Let?s start to find out, it starts with you, are you ignoring who you are? Find your rhythm, find your drummer, and start marching baby, and when everyone else gives you that look, just smile, and MARCH ON!


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

March to a different drummer.

Who cares what the world says. Find your rhythm, your purpose, your vision. March on.

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