Yes it gets dark sometimes. Cold hard days. Those days when you would simply rather curl up by the fireplace eating Mac & Cheese watching the entire Lord of the Ring trilogy in one day rather than face the actual cold grey dark nasty world.

Sometimes it IS dark. I want you to know that life get?s that way sometimes; when it does it?s not your fault. You don?t have a character defect simply because you have hard days. You have hard days when everyone on your Facebook feed is busy with their perfect lives, happily posting their wonderful bliss.

They actually have these kind of days too. They actually feel just like you do at times, it?s just most of them don?t have the balls to tell the truth on social media. In a lot of ways, I actually don?t want them too. I like to look at the brighter side of life, I don?t watch sad movies. Life is hard enough, and sad enough, we don?t freaking need to pay money to watch a fake person?s sad life.

What we do need? What we SHOULD do, is enjoy the colorful moments when we have them. We should enjoy them with just a bit more reverence, a bit more excitement, and a lot more appreciation when the bright and colorful times come and light up our dark and dreary lives.

Those times DO happen, and they?d happen a lot more if we?d appreciate them, enjoy them, and purpose to create them each and every day.

Ask yourself, what would your world look like if you spent more time working and enjoying the light filled color, instead of grumbling about the grey dark times.

Hmm, enjoy the moments with beautiful color and light.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Life paths are often dark, enjoy the moments when in beautiful color and light.

Incredible time today #hiking along #tumalocreek near #tumalofalls with my son and his friend. Don?t forget your #why amid the #hustle of #business I almost did these last few years. You can?t get that #time back. No second chances, no excuses. . .

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