Weakness is the enemy to success. It?s the enemy to accomplishing what you?ve set out to accomplish.

Weakness holds you down when you need to get up. It strikes fear in your heart when you most need to be fearless. It causes pause and timidness when action is needed.

Weakness is for sure, without a doubt the direct enemy of your end goal.

Weakness is itself inherently weak, what do I mean by that? I simply mean that weakness can be simply and successfully defeated with perseverance.

Think of weakness like a negative energy. The more you succumb to it?s energy, the weaker you become, it feeds on itself, it grows when you let it grow, it builds when you allow it a foothold in your mind and in your life.

Likewise, weakness itself is weakened through perseverance.

Consistent resistance to stopping, to giving up and giving in. Every time you feel you simply can?t go another step, when weakness is at your door, IF, and only IF you are able to push through, weakness grows a bit weaker.

Like so many things in life it?s counterintuitive. Rest seems like the right step; beat weakness by resting and getting stronger. It?s true this is the right course of action sometimes, but often, rest is not what?s needed. Perseverance, endurance, consistency, momentum are what?s needed.

These things create strength in the vacuum of weakness.

Next time when weakness is crouching at your door, focus on the constants, preserver and push onward.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLWtXoBgOtt/

Weakness is diminished through #perseverance, always focus on the constants.

I love the #tetons, such a powerful image of constant perseverance. It?s so important to not let the critics, doubters, haters, lazy, and weak cause you to doubt your purpose.

Stand fast on your #convictions and #purpose

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