Life moves fast. VERY fast. Our culture is one of busyness, hustle, bustle, and ?things?. We reward each other with hollow compliments and acceptance as we continually try and ?one up? each other in social media and social circles.

Why do we do that?

Why do we push ourselves so hard? I talk a lot about working hard, the value of hard work, pushing through, doing more while others are sleeping, watching tv and the like.

I believe in the value of hard work. In fact, I believe it?s 100% necessary to achieve anything of importance or significance in life.

All too often though we get caught in the trap of working for the wrong reasons.

I work hard in school so I can go to college. And then what? So I can get a good job. And then what? So I can work really hard putting in the 70 hour weeks. And then what? So I can afford to start a family. And then what? Then I can then get the house my family needs and the things I never had growing up. And then what? Then they will be happy. And then what? Then when they grow up they will be successful with families of their own. And then what? Then I can retire and finally do the stuff I want. And then what? Then I guess I die? And then what??

Are you playing with the end in mind? Would it make more sense to save a bit more, spend a bit less and do that travel this year instead of someday? What if you spent less time working and hustling, and more time investing in relationships.

I don?t think there has ever been such a stark contrasting conflict than the regret most face on their deathbed, and the things our culture promotes and rewards. They are in direct opposition of each other. In our world you get kudos and encouragement for the fancy car, nice clothes, and bigger house, often those very things rob you of the time you could have invested in the people you care most about.

I?m not going to be on my death bed wishing I earned more money, had more possessions and worked harder. Are you?

Make sure each and every day, you are playing with the end in mind, period.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Play with the end in mind

Know why you #hustle keep those you love in sight, even as you look to the horizon, make fast your #purpose. My kids with Alice and I on another grand adventure in the #montana #wilderness somewhere.

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