You know the type, the ones that are always ?searching for the truth.? They are the quickest to doubt what they are being told, the quickest to proclaim the latest conspiracy theory.

They are the type that looks at you with narrowing eyes as you speak about something they?re just not quite sure about.

The trouble is that truth is not something to be found. It?s really not.

I?m not saying that you shouldn?t verify your sources or approach conversations with a healthy dose of doubt. It is important to not be gullible, not be takin for a fool. It?s important to always maintain a healthy relationship with truth.

By the way, there IS absolute truth, for those of you chowder heads that feel that your truth is true for you, and my truth is true for me, you need to understand that your heads are full of gravel if you think that there is no absolute truth, there is, end of discussion.

In any case, truth is not something to be found. It?s not something to be ?spun? it?s not something to be manufactured.

It?s something to be lived.

Truth is something that should be woven into the person of who you are. It should be apparent in your actions, in your life, in your word. Oh yes, you words. Your tongue is the most powerful muscle in your body with the power to raise up, or to destry; your words should be vessels of truth and truth alone.

Truth is not spin, it?s not ?mostly? true, it?s not always kind, and it?s often hard to say. There is no manipulation disguised as ?influence? in truth. Truth is simply truth, plain and simple.

At the end of the day, truth is not for finding, it?s for living, plain and simple.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

#truth is not for finding, it?s for #living

I took this shot about 10k feet over San Jose #california, crazy, all the #hustle and bustle below, so many people missing simple life truths that are right in front of them. Don?t miss it.

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