There is a time for everything. Which unfortunately means there is a time to be in the desert. A time in which life is hard, the sun is hot, and the water is hard to find.

So many times we get caught in this difficult time this ?desert? time feeling there is no way to win, no way out, no way to find the oasis we are searching for. During this time what matters most is your perspective. It?s so important to keep your eyes fixed on what matters, to keep your focused straight on to the goal. Keeping you eyes fixed on the mountain peaks while traversing the great desert is often the only way to make it through without getting lost.

Distractions will be there, the mirage will come, and it will try and lure you away from your path; it?s there to distract you and suck you into something false.

It?s reasonable to wander off towards the mirage when it comes. I mean who?d blame you right, after all you?re in the middle of a freaking hot, sandy, nasty desert. When you see the mirage Don?t change your course.

DO NOT WANDER off your path, stay focused on your goal, stay committed to your purpose.

Keep your eyes fixed on the mountain peaks in the distance.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

In the midst of your desert, keep your eyes fixed on the peaks in the distance. Remember the #goal when you feel you can?t make it.

In business and life there are times of great difficulty, it?s during those times most give up, don?t, the ones that don?t become the real #differencemakers

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