Life hits us with priority distracting craziness on an hourly, no minutely basis. Each little distraction is wrapped with a nice little bow and a tag that says ?Hey, I?m really important, and awfully urgent, please pay attention to me, RIGHT NOW dangit?

1 out of 100 of those distractions are actually worthy of our time, worthy of our attention and investment of our most precious resource. OUR TIME

Monday of this week hit me with this:

  • 326 emails
  • 5 phone calls
  • 4 meetings
  • 7 deadlines
  • 3 writing projects
  • 3 non-profits
  • 6 businesses with work needing something
  • 2 clients needing attention

How to deal with all that? Sometimes I feel like crawling into a corner, curling up in a ball and sucking my thumb, hoping and praying they will all go away!

They won?t ;-(

I have spent the last 20 years learning the best of what I call ?tactics? for time management, productivity, and simply getting more done than anyone ever would think possible. I?ve read a lot, tried a lot, learned a lot, and found a few things that work amazing. I?m building a course on that which will launch on a new platform I?m developing called Micro University later this year, so stay tuned for that! 😉

But? What?s actually MORE important than the actual ?tactics? is the priority itself.



?the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important. ?the safety of the country takes priority over any other matter? synonyms: prime concern, most important consideration, primary issue.?

Do you know yours? I bet you do right, you know them, you know what?s most important in your life, you got that dialed don?t you! Good job!

Ok, now look at the time you spent over the last 30 days.

Line up with your priorities, the ones you know so well?

Ouch, yea, didn?t think so.

Most will say they got it, so often the rattle off something cute like ?God, Marriage, Family, Job?. 


Good! But the time spent over the last 30 days shows something more like ?Job, Netflix, Evening Television, Golf on Saturday, etc.?

Why is it so hard to keep priorities straight.

There are a zillion reasons, too many to dig into in this micro blog post, but at the end of them all they lead to our lack of focus on what we have already determined ?should? be our priority. We don?t pay attention to what we ?want? to pay attention to. We let the busyness of life take over and the stress of the day set our agenda, the squeaky wheels are always getting the grease.

Sometimes we need to ignore the squeaky wheel, maybe even get out of the freaking car altogether and walk instead. 

Bottom line, know your priorities; focus on them, hold yourself accountable, journal through the experience and start being a bit more honest with yourself.

The best time to start is now dangit; priorities?


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Priorities? This is how we roll, my daughter and I working in the brisk morning air. Nothing better than hot coffee, fast internet, and a foot spa to get your Monday started right!


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