Life is built on relationships. Business is built on relationships. It?s just part of the game. It?s not bad or good, it just is.

If you want to get anywhere in life you?re gonna have to extend trust in relationships, you just are.

People being what they are just means that as you extend trust, you?re gonna get burned. Sooner or later, someone that you trust, someone that you believe in, someone that you count on will turn.

When you least expect it they will stab you in the back.

You?ll be shocked. You?ll be hurt. You?ll be totally astounded at their ability to screw you over. You may have some recourse, but you will never be able to fix the pain you feel from the broken relationship, that kind of wound never quite heals.

The thing is that people are meant for relationships. We are meant to trust in each other. When we do, we can accomplish more, we can do things simply impossible without the combined effort of relationships. It?s a risk for sure, a necessary risk, but a risk none the less. Which means that eventually you?ll get screwed, and it?s gonna happen more than once.

Soon after the relationship is broken regret sets in. Sometimes incredible regret. The kind of regret that might even make you physically ill. Regret is an interesting beast. In so many ways, regret is bad news. However, I?ve also found it to be incredibly helpful.

What? Are you nuts, regret helpful.

Yea, hold up, let me dig in a bit. Yea, so if you take that regret and channel it in positive ways. Use it. Use it to learn a bit more about yourself, use it to learn a bit more about ?people?. Use it to grow. Use it to understand the value of relationships you still have. Use it to embrace the difficult times in life. Look as soon as people are involved it gets messy, it really does. Sometimes it ends bad and it hurts, it hurts bad. That doesn?t mean you hide with your head in a hole.

That?s the cheap way out.

Sometimes the regret of broken relationships simply can?t be avoided. Please don?t let that regret prevent you from taking some risks, by putting yourself out there. It?s worth it, sometimes it won?t work, you?ll get hurt, but you know what, running on that regret hurts, but it?s darn effective.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Running on #regret over #mistakes and misplaced #trust is painful, BUT, darn effective.

It?s like this incredible and beautiful place. While beautiful, life here is #hard, but still good.

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