There are some that choose to keep going. There are some that choose to press on through the pain, through the doubt, thought the struggle. There are those that are willing to go just a bit more than the rest.

The ones that are willing to go further than everyone else are, well, special? and rare, very rare.

You don?t find these very often. They are a rare breed for sure.

You WILL find a lot of posers. A lot of people who love to use whip our a #hustle on every other post, but they have very little actual ?hustle? in their life.

They like the romantic thought of putting in the time, effort, and passion into something truly great, but they just can?t let go of the Netflix binges at night, and the snooze button in the morning.

It takes perseverance. It takes passion. Frankly it also takes some pretty serious stones to keep going when everyone else has quit, when everyone else has deemed the cost far too great.

Don?t be like so many that #hustle on their Instagram post right before they hit play again on the next episode of their latest can?t miss show.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

#hardwork pays off when you have enough #stamina to keep on when most quit.

Sometimes the victory is just over the horizon, it can feel out of reach, but #perseverance will become #Beautiful just like this #sunset in #napavalley #california

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