Why our world is setup in a way where the most difficult times require the most difficult decisions I do not know.

I do know that it does tend to work that way with most things in life. When you?re running a race, for example, it?s the most important to push harder when it?s hardest.

I had an amazing cross country coach in high school, Mel Nice. 

Before my very first race, I asked Mel what the strategy was for the run. He responded without a moment?s hesitation, ?When you?re on the flats, push harder and pass people, running is mostly a mind game, and passing on flats hurts their psyche, when you come to the hills, run faster, you?ll get to the top and finish the difficult hill quicker, then when you come to the downhill, run faster, let the slope of the hill carry your speed down.? I thought about it for a second, and said: ?So you?re saying, always run fast?? ?Yes for sure, Mel replied, but when it?s the most difficult, when you?re hurting the most, and you want to give up, THAT is the time when you need to push the hardest, your opponent will most likely be struggling as well, it?s your opportunity to turn their struggle into your win, it will hurt, but the victory will be worth the hard work of pushing when it hurts.?

Mel was right.

Most quit when it gets hard. Even if they push hard, they quit sooner than they should, and if you?re willing, if you?re able, they?ll quit before you.

That?s your opportunity to push through and sail by them. It won?t be easy, in fact, it will most certainly be very very difficult, but it WILL be your chance. Most just don?t have the drive, passion, energy, and will do what it takes to preserve, to triumph.

Pass them.

The time to push ?harder? is most important when it?s ?hardest? to push.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKmWYD4g6SO/
The time to push through is most important when it?s hardest.
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