Too often the amount of effort required is just a tiny bit more than what most are willing to invest.

Why is that?

Quite frankly it’s cause it’s freaking hard. It’s easy to lose track of the “why” in the midst of the challenges the day to day minutia of it all creates.

The world around us is an expert at creating distractions. They come in so many forms. Some of which are tough to detect as the true distractions they really are. 

What’s worse is that distractions often come in the disguised form of opportunities. Opportunities that push us so slightly off course, opportunities that cost us valuable and scarce resources, most often time, the most precious resource of all.

Well then, how to avoid these distractions becomes the question, and the answer is simple, but hard to execute. 

Quite simply, you must be totally and 100% tuned in with your own purpose, your own vision. Your “why.” 

Many books, articles, and even eCourses have been written on the subject, some are excellent, but the purpose of this post is to get you to realize that distractions will come, and when they do it will be tough to recognize them for what they are. The only way to stay focused, to stay dialed in is to ahead of time and with all your energy be focused on what’s most important, what matters to you. 

It needs to be “you” though. NOT someone else, not the highly motivating speaker or author you love. You and only you, your purpose, YOUR why. 

Get it, know it, live it, and push past the distractions to your goal.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Often #opportunity presents itself after the majority give up.

Don’t be part of the majority, don’t quit 3 feet from gold, persevere.

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