Early mornings are powerful. In the US only 1 in 5 is awake at 5:30am. Only 8 out of 100 are up at 5:00am. 8 freaking people that?s it.

In a sense that?s your competition.

If you typically get up at 7:00 and but instead you shift your day to 5:00 you will effectively be gaining a full 10 hours of time in a typical 5 day work week.

That?s literally more than an entire workday. How much could you accomplish if you had an extra 10 hour day a week. It?s almost 2 work days if you are cranking 7 days week.

Dang, 2 more days.

Time machines do exist. All you need to do to access yours is shut off freaking Game of Thrones, get your priorities straight, stick to them, and get up a bit earlier than everyone else.

?That?s so early, I don?t think I can do it, it?s so hard to get up.?

You know what, stay in bed, sleep in, the rest of us are going to get up, crank, and kick ass.

And at the end of the day, WE are going to have nailed it. We are going to have made a difference. Our heads are going to hit our pillows at night knowing that we accomplished more, impacted more, lived more, experienced life more, and shared shared more of who we the world than 98%.

Yep, we are tired, but it?s good tired.

It?s a ?I know what I?m doing matters, I know I?m living the life others dream of simply because I actually know my priorities, I actually know what really matters, and I?m actually focused each day on those things, I get up early, and I crank.


?It?s not worth it? you say.

Maybe it?s not for you, so go ahead sleep in and chill. Some of us though are taking this short little life we are given seriously.

While others are sleeping?


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLq1C28g56p/

When others are sleeping, GET IT DONE.

Our ?sleep in? culture is your opportunity baby, think about what you can accomplish between 5 and 8 AM.

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