Why is this so true? Why is “two steps forward, one step backward”  the “way” of things?

I think it’s because as humans we are kind of stubborn and daft. 

We just are. 

Look I’m sorry if you’re the one person that has it all together, doesn’t make mistakes in life, has everything they want, and all their relationships are just wonderful.

For the rest of us, this crap is freaking hard. 

Progress is hard. NOT progressing is easy. 

I call this drifting. 

Drifting is the default “mode” most of us fall into without purposeful hard work to move forward. The natural inclination to just sit idly by and let life pass is overwhelming at times. It’s kind of like the waves on the ocean beach. The waves don’t stop; they’re relentless. Sometimes you can resist them, for a while at least, you can swim along just fine, but eventually those waves break you down and pull you under.

The natural tendency to drift in life is so much like this. Without constant purposeful effort resisting the drifting, you’ll inevitably slip right into it. 

Right into complacency. 

Do NOT let this happen. 

You have something amazing to offer the world, something the rest of us need. You are special, unique, amazing; and take it from me, we all want to see what you got. 

BUT, we won’t if you drift. 

It’s easier, it’s a straighter road for sure, the path onward is ALWAYS harder, never straight, full of difficulties around every corner, but it’s the path to get where you want to go, the path you need to take, the path we need you to take. 

Take it. 


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

The path onward is often not straight, and never easy.

Life tends to throw curves in your straight road plans, just like this incredible road deep in central Oregon.

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