If you?ve been around this green earth for long, you know that life gets dark. Typically when you least expect it or are least prepared to deal with it.

It gets hard; it gets dark. Very dark.

In the last 25 years, I have hard some dark times.

I have had the experience of being in dark places, my flashlight had no batteries. I was fumbling around trying to feel my way out of whatever disaster felt like, at least at that moment, the end of the world.

It?s hard, freaking hard.

The worse part of this truism is that it?s always going to happen. It?s happened in the past, and most likely it?ll happen again. It just will. We live in a fallen world full of bad people, and bad things.

So should we stick our heads in a hole and just hope things will turn out?

Are you kidding, of course not!

How then, when everything sucks, when we are at our darkest moment do we rise and get through.

Two things, first don?t stop when things suck, keep going!

?If you?re going through hell, KEEP GOING!?
~Winston Churchill

Second, find the light in the darkness. I have yet to experience a difficult situation when there wasn?t something valuable to learn. A lesson for me in the madness of the situation. There is always wisdom to be gained even in the most difficult time. It might be nearly impossible to see during the trial, but trust me, there is a lesson or ten to be learned.

Embrace the mistakes, embrace the bad situation that is out of your control. It?s out of your control right, so don?t complain about it, embrace it, own it, learn from it.

The more you embrace your situation, learn from it, and grow from it, the more you?ll benefit from it. I don?t want to belittle the horrible crap that life can throw at you, it WILL SUCK sometimes, but there?s light to be found. If you look hard.

Find the light in the darkness.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BL91jfUg8hS/

Find the light in the darkness.

Entrepreneurship at times will be dark, like pitch black scary dark. When it hits you, hold fast on your intuition, passion, and faith. FIND THE LIGHT in the darkness and press onward.

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