Make sure your roots are not shallow. Make sure you know your why. Make sure you spend the time investing in the relationships that matter, the ones that will last.

They are gonna come.

They are gonna come HARD.

The haters, the doubters, the naysayers. The don?t want you to succeed. Many of them will be the closest to you, your longtime friends, your family, they will tell you your dreams are not realistic, they?re not safe, they?re not a smart choice.

Ya know what. They might actually be right, your dreams may not be realistic, safe, or smart; but they are your dreams, YOUR freaking dreams.

You owe it to yourself to follow them anyway. You need to. We actually all need you too as well.

What would the world look like if Walt Disney didn?t follow his crazy dreams. How would communication and technology look today if Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or freaking Nicolae Tesla listens to the naysayers.


Your dreams have purpose, YOU have purpose. I?m not saying quit your job, waste you savings, abandon your responsibilities to start a circus just because you have always wanted to.

You have to be smart, you have to work hard, but most of all you can?t abandon your vision.

So write that book, start that business, make that phone call, do that thing that you know is the next right step on the path of your dreams. Don?t put it off another day, we are guaranteed nothing in this short little life.

You know what they say ?The best time to start was 20 years ago, the second best time is now?

Trust your gut, don?t loose the faith and press onward!


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Trust your gut, don?t loose faith, press onward when others quit.

You?ll find the most opposition when your doing something with impact. It?s the hardest, but the most important.

Press on.

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