Don?t take yourself too seriously

I think we all get just a little too serious too much of the time. As a culture, we need to step back, take a breath, and a freaking chill pill.

Yes yes, there is time for seriousness. Time for down and dirty get it done serious work. That?s not all there is to life though, the down and dirty get it all done part of time is just that, a part of life.

Life?s so much more than deadlines. So much more than the driven pursuit of accomplishing goals, getting more stuff, and filling our schedules with activities.

It?s time we stopped taking ourselves so darn seriously.

It?s time we slowed down just a bit and cherished the time we do have, the time we spend with those around us.

You will never find someone on their death bed wishing they had accomplished a few more work goals, lamenting over their lack of ?things? or the size of their bank accounts.

It just doesn?t happen. Why?

With the grand perspective of an entire life to look back on we can see what?s truly important. We can see that relationships are worth the investment, more-so than your ?investments?. That friendships are more valuable than things and houses. That time with family is more cherished than job titles.

It?s time we learned from our mistakes a bit more. We defended ourselves a bit less, loved a LOT more on the people we care about. It?s time we stop taking ourselves so seriously, and start taking the time we have on this here rock and using it for the things that truly matter.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Don?t take yourself too seriously, learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing

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