We all want to be victorious. I mean you do too right? I do, everyone I ever talk to does, it?s kind of built right into the colorful fabric of human life. We want to WIN, we want to be victorious!

What?s really amazing is what that ?victorious? actually means to each individual person.

It?s different; what you want, what I want, they are different, my victorious is just not the same as your victorious.

This is actually part of the magic of being human, of being well, YOU. We all get to be different, we all get to truly be unique. It?s amazing, I think this privilege, the privilege of being truly unique, truly special is a gift from God. He could have made 10 different models or something, but he didn?t. He DID NOT only make 10 models, right now there are just shy of 7 billion different models walking around this planet.

7 billion, yea, that?s a lot of diversity, that?s a lot of uniqueness.

Frankly, that truth means you have an obligation. What? Yea, serious, YOU have an obligation to be you, the ?real? you, the version of you that God made you to be, not the copycat version of someone else, but the actual unique right to the core person of who you are.

If you?re gonna do that, if you?re gonna do YOU, then you better understand who you are, you better understand what drives you motivates you, what gets you excited and what makes you sad.

This understanding can?t happen overnight, it can?t happen at a weekend retreat, or reading some blog post ?Insiders secrets to who you are in 6 easy steps.?

Understanding takes time. It takes time and it takes purpose. Which means you must decide to do it, and then begin the hard work of purposely learning and discovering who you are.

Don?t wait on this, don?t want till next year, next month, or next week. Now. Now is the time. Begin the hard work and time of understanding who you are, and reaching towards that victory.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLhS9aYAqXN/

#victory requires purpose, #purpose requires understanding, understanding requires time.

Make sure you?re taking the time to understand your ?why?. Success means nothing if you lose your life to get it.

Know your ?why?

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