You can’t rush the discovery of truth; you can’t rush the exposure of what is, the revelation of past manipulation and imposter behaviors. 

The cold reality of the truth is that it will expose itself in its own time, and in its way. It can’t be rushed; it also can’t be hindered. The truth is just that, truth. It’s right, just, and final.

So many people are building on altered versions of the truth. Altered versions of what is. 

Modified “facts” to suit their purpose. 

This is true for the manipulative businessman, (who is getting so much negative attention these days) as it is for the full page color ads in every magazine on the news stand, (who should be getting a LOT more negative attention BTW).

What do we do then with an entire world that operates with a set of rules sitting squarely outside of truth? How can we “get ahead” in a world where no one honors real truth. Can we run our ads next to photoshopped ads and actually compete?

How can we motivate our employees when they want to hear lies, when they are programmed to “hear” the manipulated lies of what they are hearing and seeing in every youtube video, every TV show, every “news” article. 

(ok sidenote: what the FREAK happened to news reporting anyway? I have seen CRAP hyped articles from just about every news source, news sources that used to be trustworthy; when New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and the like are so full of lies and distorted opinion spun as reality, NO WONDER, our culture doesn’t value truth anymore, geez, wow, sorry RANT over.)

Remove FEAR. 

You simply can’t care about the consequences of revealing truth. Sometimes that will mean you will lose the bid, loose market share, sometimes even loose the business. 

Would you rather fail with the truth, or build on something false? 

If you build something through manipulative tactics, what then. Is that really worth it, did you actually succeed? 

I would argue NO. 

I would argue that it’s ALWAYS better to fail in truth and honesty, then succeed in manipulative lies. 

Often times, the success will come 10 fold if you really do move beyond the fear of failing, speak truth, follow ethical standards, and do what’s right. 

It’s not guaranteed, and the road will most likely be much more difficult, but the reward will be so much sweeter. To build and succeed through honesty is always the best approach, even though it will undoubtedly be much more difficult. You’ll have to work harder. 

At the end of the day though, your head will hit the pillow, and you’ll sleep well with a clear conscience, knowing your morals, ethics, and efforts are built on something greater, something true.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Truth reveals itself in its own time.

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