Details are difficult for me. I like to push hard, make a rough plan, and start down the road; for me, action is easy, details are not.

“Action” is not by itself enough. Action without purposeful attention to details inevitably leads to a sloppy failure.

This is where the challenge of an entrepreneur comes in. Typically the people that are “good” at fearless action (required for success) are NOT good at all the details (also required for success).

What then?

Two options, I prefer to implement both. 

1st. Get good and what you’re not naturally good at. 

For me that’s the “details.” I have forced myself over the last 20 years to become amazing at the details. Paying attention to them, understanding them, planning for them, even documenting them. I have learned that if I don’t intimately understand what’s going on under the hood, I can NOT lead effectively.

“I’m a big picture guy.” 

Good, but without the details, the “big picture” can not be realized, it just can’t.

2nd, Get people around you that are NOT like you. 

They need to be different than you; they need to “compliment” you. They need to be strong where you are weak. (this requires patience, and the willingness to understand your weakness, trust me you have it), admit it and seek our support from those that are strong in your weak area.

I prefer to do both; I surround myself with people that are amazing at what I suck at. So many stop there, I don’t. I not only surround myself with these people, but I also do everything I can to learn from them. To grow, to let them expose my weaknesses so I can start to become better in the areas that are a challenge for me.

This is not easy. It’s humbling and difficult to purposefully and actively expose the areas in my life where I’m not that great.

The details are just too important to ignore. Look at all the greatest leaders in business, the greatest examples of impact. 

Everyone from Warren Buffet to Larry Page, from Steve Jobs to Jack Welch; cared about details. These influential leaders scrutinized everything. They also took action, the perfect blend of taking direct action while examining every little detail has created the most incredible innovations of our time.

Make sure and take the time to mind the details, no matter how hard it is. Learn, grow, surround yourself with others that can help, it’s that last 2% that will dictate the difference between something truly incredible, and something average. 


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Beaux Fr?res Vineyards & Winery

Mind the details. Success dictates every detail be scrutinized.

Incredible #wine #barreltasting at Beaux Freres with Michael Etzel.

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