It’s so very often just over the horizon. 

Your finish line. The realization of your goal, your hard work.

You can’t realize it though unless you press on. You can’t archive it unless you finish what you started. 

You’re close, but you’re not finished, not yet. 

Most of the world stops short of success. They stop short of what could be with a bit more effort. They stop short JUST before they reach the end. 


Partly because it’s hard. It’s so FREAKING hard to finish. 

The race is long; the obstacles are many and totally overwhelming. It’s a whole lot easier do stop short, wave the rest to keep going without, you as you catch your breath. You tell yourself that you’ll keep going after this short rest, but you know you won’t. It’s just difficult, maybe too difficult.

Partly because you’re afraid of actually winning. Afraid of actually achieving that goal. It’s a lot easier to fall short than to finish victorious. There’s no pressure when you stop short. You’re done, finished, you ran your race, tried hard and didn’t make it. 

But… What if you finish, what if you win. 

What if you hit your goal and your dream is realized. What then? What unknown pressures are waiting for you? 

It’s terrifying, yea. What if your crazy idea for that new company works, you’ll have customers counting on you; you’ll have employees counting on you, YOU will be counting on you. 

That’s even scarier than sometimes failing, more frightful than the shame of quitting before the end. 

So, most quit. Most stop short and call it a day. 

Few “push through,” few strive to the end through all obstacles until they have reached the goal. 

Those that do make history change the game, and invent new ways of making the world a better place. 

Maybe that should be you? Maybe you shouldn’t stop short, but press on. 



~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from original instagram post: 

Beautiful #sunset over #crescentlake #oregon

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One thought on “Just over the horizon.

  1. Maryc says:

    Short, sweet and true! Race of life has a goal too and a purpose injected by God at birth. Fulfilling His purpose for your life brings joy to the whole being! What you wrote above applies to all areas of life. Be blessed!

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