It’s the most important when it’s the most difficult. When you’re tired. When you’ve had enough, and you’re at the end of your rope. 

It’s these times when men are crafted from boys. It’s these times when future victories foundations are laid.

It takes courage. It takes stamina. It takes an unreasonable amount of dedication and purpose.

When life grinds you down to the point where you’re not sure you can continue, you doubt the whole dumb thing, not sure where to go next, and questioning all the investment you have made thus far. 

It’s in these times; you’ll have a decision to make.

Undoubtedly in your weakest moments, you’ll be faced with the opportunity to turn on your convictions, to turn on what you know to be true. 

It always seems to work this way, which yea, pretty much sucks. It is, however; the unwritten law of the world. When you are least prepared, with the least amount of energy, and in the weakest times, you’ll face the greatest challenges. 

In the Bible, this is referred to as a “refining fire.” The fire gold must pass through, again and again, to “burn off” any impurities, after which only pure gold remains.

Life is like that refining fire. It blows for sure, but it’s true.

Funny thing, your refining fire is an opportunity, odd yes, but truly it’s an opportunity. The rest of the world, for the most part, will NOT survive the fire, the trial, the “rock bottom.”  They will give up, usually long before ever even reaching the most difficult challenges.

We live in a world where people are weak. Weakness is celebrated. People are coddled, awarded participation trophies to make themselves “feel good.” 

What about feeling good for actually accomplishing something.

You have a chance to be different. 

You have a chance to chuckle at the participation trophy they hand you and toss it aside for the crap award that it is, then continue on. Striving for a real victory, knowing all along you’re going to hit the hard times, the nasty refining fire, and when you do, you WILL remain steadfast to what is right, to your convictions, your purpose, and your goal. 

No matter what, you will be better for it. Even if you don’t succeed. 

You will have learned, and you will be a more “pure gold” version of yourself, you can rest easy knowing you held fast and held on. 


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from original instagram post: 
When life grinds you down, stand tall and firm on your convictions.

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