The possibilities are endless. They really are.

We live in a time in history when unlike any other time “anything” is possible.

Why do so few take advantage of it? Why do so few do something remarkable?

A couple of reasons really; first off, it’s more comfortable to NOT. To not do anything hard, risky, or new. Secondly, who wants to take the risk of failing, of looking like an idiot when it all crashes down. Third, it’s easier. WAY easier. 

There’s no excuse.

In so many ways the internet is the great equalizer. Everybody’s got a shot, what used to cost millions of dollars can now be had for free. I don’t mean free like only the wealthy have access free, I mean like, every public library in every major city in America has unlimited unrestricted access to the internet.

You are without excuse! If you’ve got something to say, then SAY it. You don’t need a fancy camera, computer, or even phone. You need only the passion to stick your neck out there a little bit and risk. Honestly, what’s the worse that could happen? 

Your idea sucks, people don’t like it, you get nowhere. 

Big deal, is that it? What have you got to lose? What are you not writing that you should be writing? What do YOU have the world needs? 

Find it and deliver. RISK now. 

The only thing you don’t have at your fingertips is unlimited time. Eventually, you are gonna run out of chances, so take advantage of what you have now, take advantage of the incredible world of opportunities we have right at our fingertips. 

Make it happen.


Chris Behnke


Inspiration from Instagram Post:


Amazing shot from #crescentlake #oregon

#nightphotography #instaphoto #pnw #pnwonderland #behnkeadventures #antiochchurch #antiochgoestocamp #onward

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