Distractions are everywhere, doing their best to interfere with your well-laid plans.

There are times when the correct action is to put your head down, maybe even put in some headphones with your best “get to it” playlist, tune out the world around you and get stuff done. 

It’s during these time when it seems hardest to do just that. It’s always hardest to stay focused when staying focused is critical to success. Often times like these feel like the world is conspiring with your own mind against your goals and endeavors. 

The plateau of distraction… 

It’s so easy to get caught here, even to remain here for a long with the illusion of progress.

Human nature, modern culture, outside forces, even your competition are all working against you. A purposeful focus is the only path through. It doesn’t happen by accident; it doesn’t happen through any kind of natural occurrence. It ONLY happens with your awareness of the problem, and purposeful effort to combat it, to drive through it, and persevere. 

Daily effort. You can’t slack off; you can’t take a breath or even rest, you must remain vigilant, you must remain dialed in on your goals, and striving forward while everyone else is taking a break.

Text conversation to Ponder:

“Hey man, what are you up to?”

“Working baby! How about you?”

“Chillin with buddies, long day man.”

“Cool, enjoy bro.”

“Hey man congrats on your successes, and reaching your goals.”


“You’re one lucky guy!”

“Yep… ;-)”

Luck has very little to do with it my friends…

Persistence, momentum, and focus.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ1Z0gaApWE/

Eyes forward. Keep pushing

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