My entire life I’ve heard “Chris you need more patience.”

Frankly, we do not need more patience. We need more action.

More patience has caused us to have a failing economy with national debt and liabilities of over 100 trillion. ( don’t believe me? see >>

More patience has caused us to have a failing healthcare system, a bloated legal system, and an incompetent government. 

More patience has caused children to suffer, dictators to reign too long, and people to go hungry. 

More patience has caused “would be entrepreneurs” to pause and wait, or sometimes not even start the business the world needs them to start. 

More patience has caused students to get a degree they won’t use, or reluctantly wait to get that new job they really should go after but are too scared to take action.

More patience, NO, we need LESS patience, we need people like you and me to get off our collective butts and take some freaking action. 

Now hold up all you patience promoting cautions people out there. I’m not saying there isn’t a time for patience; there is. I know enough about myself to know that a lot of times when I was told “you need more patience” it was spot on good advice, and I DID need to wait and be more patient for the right timing. There ARE times to wait, times to ponder, plan, or go slow. Don’t misunderstand. 

However, the vast majority of what I have seen our culture drift too is cautious laziness disguised in “patience.”

We need fewer people sitting around “waiting” and more people “doing.”

There are real problems in this world, problems that COULD be solved by some out there, but they are too fearful to try, and told by the world to be careful and not take risks. 

We need some more risk takers; we need more entrepreneurs, we need more passionate visionaries making the world a better place, and using the gifts God gave them to impact the world around them in an amazing way. 

We need a bit more action, a little less talk, and a little less patience.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram Post:

We need less patience and more action.

This is one of my favorite morning trail runs in Bend

My whole life I’ve been told “Chris, you just need to be more patient.” What I’ve learned is that this may be true for situations and circumstances that are not in my control, but most of the time what’s needed is not more patience but more action! If more people would stop calling for patience but instead get off their butts, take action, and make a difference, the world would be a lot better place.

Less patience more action, please!

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