The tyranny of our busy world usually dictates a set of priorities. Stuff that needs to be done ASAP. “Things,” these urgent tasks and responsibilities, rarely if ever align with our long-term goals and objectives. 

They just don’t. 

They don’t align, and they don’t care at all what you want or need long term. 

They come along and demand your immediate attention. 

It’s easy to let them the control your time. Easy to let them take over and even run your life.

It’s the most natural thing too. All too often this stuff is important, trips to store, prescriptions to fill, forms to complete, meetings to attend. It’s their very nature that makes these “distractions” so darn dangerous. They “feel” important, and in many respects they are. 

No matter what though, you must ensure that overall, on the whole, these tasks, interruptions, and distractions fall in line with your overall goals. When they don’t work for too many days in a row, you will miss your goals altogether.

Don’t let that happen. If you find yourself day after day unable to accomplish what matters most, chances are, you need to make some adjustments in your life, and fast. Time is ticking.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram Post:

Make your priorities match your goals

My office for this afternoon, cranking on projects while my 13-year-old is in the background training and putting in the #hardwork

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