There’s a freaking LOT of #leadership stuff out there. Mostly shallow advice from people with a lot of social media energy, but very little real leadership experience. 

Leadership is not just being a boss or being first at something. True “leadership” is a much much deeper; it’s about impact, it’s about showing the way, leading, not commanding. Setting good examples, and helping move things forward even at the sacrifice of one’s personal benefit. 

Webster defines leadership simply as: “the office or position of a leader.” 

This is technically true of course, but wholly misses the real impact a leader can make, so much of what sets apart a “boss” from a “leader.”

Frankly, “leading” in anything that’s worthwhile is going to be hard. Darn hard. It’s going to take sacrifice, and humbleness, if it’s done well. 

Leaders don’t have to hire, command, or boss around their followers. You can always spot a real leader because, through very little effort of their own, they will naturally have people following them.

It’s not as glamorous as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter makes it look. It’s hard and lonely. 

So lonely. 

A true leader will make sure they do what’s right even at their personal cost. They take the high road with regards to truth and ethics. They take the hard times straight on and make the tough calls. The calls that are not fun in any way, sometimes sacrificing their personal well-being or relationships that are important to do what’s right. 

It’s hard, very hard. Despite what you might see on social media with everyone and their dog posting about #leadership this and #leadership that, it’s a path for a few. A hard path often with low rewards. 

It’s a good path though. It’s a necessary path, and while hard, it’s rewarding in its way, and in its own timing. 

To the real leaders out there, just getting started, and old veterans. 

Thank you and good luck; press on.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from original Instagram post:

Leadership is a lonely path and only for very few

I love this picture I took while hiking with @alicebehnke Incredible #hiking in #ireland #killarney killarneyireland #entrepreneurlife #getoutside #experience #leadership #behnkeadventures #tree_magic

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