Sometimes it bounds into action with certain force and attention. Other times it quietly progresses forward making undetected moves.



Are you tenacious? Holding firm in your beliefs. Remaining steadfast through all the challenges. 

Tenacity is what’s missing from so many, it’s what’s missing from those that are unwilling or unable to hold on far past what is reasonable, far past their doubts, far past their fears, and the critics surrounding them that gave up long ago. 

There are some that are tenatious though, there are some that remain unwavering through the storms and discouragement. Holding fast when every possible problem seems to occer at the perfectly worst time. 

They become the changers, the makers, the doers, the people that alter the course of society. Sometimes they shake fists and yell loudly, and sometimes, they quietly do their thing changing the world in a whisper when no one is looking.

Don’t be surprised when you meet someone you least expect to be the tenacious one that changes the world. Don’t be surprised when you discover you’re the tenacious one that’s going tot change the world.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:

Tenacity comes in many forms.

@alicebehnke looking incredible as always kayaking on #sparkslake

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