Each push on the flywheel feels insignificant, and in truth, each push on its own is insignificant. However, over time, and building upon each push, incredible momentum is built.

Jim Collins introduced us all to the concept of the flywheel of business. Illustrating the great importance of momentum, and all the “seemingly insignificant” pushes that create that momentum.

Just about everyone in business today has read Collins’s book Good to Great, but so few embrace the value momentum. 

I believe it’s one of the most undervalued aspects of business. It’s critically important, so important I believe it should be one of two or three primary focuses of every business leader. 

The challenge always comes with the “pushes.” It’s the natural law of business that every push feels insignificant and unimportant.

The culture of today amplifies this dilemma. We live in a “do as little as possible, to get as much as you can while looking amazing and having a grand time” world. 

This culture flies in the face of the concept of the flywheel. 

The world says, find the easy way. 
The flywheel requires hard work.

The world says, someone else should do this for you.
The flywheel requires your investment.

The world says, skip a few steps and rest, rest is so important.
The flywheel requires no rest, constant effort consistently over time.

The world says, right now, don’t wait. 
The flywheel requires push after push, week after week, month after month. 

The world says, you deserve it, you’re entitled to it. 
The flywheel doesn’t freaking care; put in the time, or they’ll be no momentum. 

It’s a stark contrast; the false message from the world, and the cold reality of the truth.

The question you must ask yourself is “do you want to believe the fairytale, or are you willing to put in the hard work to get that flywheel moving, to get that sucker spinning so fast, you really can relax and let it work it’s magic.”

A precious few persevere, but the ones that do create incredible momentum which can chance the world. 


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:
Build deliberate momentum.

One of the most powerful aspects of #success is #momentum

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2 thoughts on “Build deliberate momentum

  1. Dee-Anne Hayes says:

    This is the great question! Maybe the secret is in the balance. Work hard on your dream, love learning and notice how easy this is on mind and emotion. Find the momentum in loving what you are working hard at.

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