You can’t rush truth. It’s not bound by time. It’s not anxious or eager. It’s just truth.

It is what it is, and it just IS.

There aren’t many versions, there isn’t “your truth, and my truth” there is only truth, it is always just, always right, it has no feelings, no mercy. It’s just… TRUTH. 

I think sometimes we get a little confused by truth these days. So many believe truth is individual. They believe that truth is subjective, it’s tied to emotion, circumstances, or culture. 

They are wrong, by it’s very definition, truth is just, well,  true. It doesn’t matter what you believe, truth exists outside human emotion, outside human influence. 

This is scary to many. They want to bend, reshape, and warp truth to fit their belief structure, their religion, or lack of religion. Unable to resolve the differences they don’t understand they bend truth around current culture, intentions, motivations, and bias.

The thing with truth is; it just doesn’t matter how culture tries to distort it.

It just is.

So what then? What do we do in a world of confusion, in a world where people’s “feelings” become a perceived truth adopted by many. When people think just because they desperately “want there to be a way”, that “there must be a way.”

Remain steadfast in real and simple truth. 

The kind of truth that says “Down is down, up is up, right is right, and left is left.” Remain steadfast in real truth even when it flies in the face of what’s popular; even when the culture abandons the real truth and replaces it with a more comfortable, more emotionally driven truth.

If you do this two things will happen. 

You’ll be building you life on truth, a foundation that can not be broken or shaken. You’ll be building on what is, not an illusion, a reflection of what’s popular, but what actually IS. 

You’ll be swimming against the current of popular culture. We live in a world where hypocrisy reigns, emotions drive most decisions, and truth is reshaped to fit current events and popular thinking. 

You’ll be counter-cultural, you’ll often be choosing the narrow path, the harder path, and you’ll be alone in your journey. 

It’ll be the truth though. It’ll be right. 

You’ll be less confused, and you’ll be confident that despite the distractions around you, your path is truth, and at the end of the day, you’ll not regret it. 

So keep your eyes open, and focused on the truth.


~Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instagram post:
Truth reveals itself in its own time.

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