Yes, of course, there are exceptions, but the overwhelming rule I have come to learn is that all things that are important and good, are hard. Really hard.

They just are, which is why so few do them, the hard things. Why so few risk, stick their necks out and struggle to make a difference.

I don’t know what “your thing” is, but I know in my life the most important things I have accomplished have always been the most difficult. BY FAR. Times of incredible doubt, fear, and stress are common. It just goes with the territory. 

My encouragement to you is if you’re going through hard times, hang in there, realize that doing something great, something impactful, something that will change the world or even the lives of the people around you WILL BE DIFFICULT. 

When making a difference in the world, there are NO shortcuts, no easy way, no magic pills.

It’s a lonely road to be sure. But it’s a good road. It’s a worthwhile road, yes a hard road. 

If you do stick with it, you’ll be in good company. You’ll be with the game changes, the world changers. 

Looking through history at anyone that changed the world we live in, struggled; they worked at it, they didn’t let trials, failures, and naysayers hold them back or prevent them from doing what they set out to do. 

They didn’t give up, and you shouldn’t either. It’s difficult, and most likely it will get more difficult before it gets better, but it’s worth it for sure. 

Hang in there, press on, and just remember, if it’s really worthwhile it’s going to be hard, but it WILL be worth it. 


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from Instragram Post:
If it’s worth doing it will be hard, if it’s not hard then it’s probably not worth doing

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