There are a few that make it on their own; they strive, struggle, work, and persevere. Eventually they do “make it” whatever the heck that even means.

They reach the top and achieve their goals, they did it. Alone, at the top with no one to celebrate with.


Leadership is a lonely enough road, entrepreneurship is already difficult, life itself is full of challenges. Why make this journey alone?

Can you get “more work” done with no family, no relationships, no commitments, no “baggage?”

Some would say yes. 

I say, maybe, but at what cost.

You get one life, ONE. That’s it, no second tries, no “redos.” 

Success defined in the way our culture defines it is just not worth the sacrifice of a “real” life. 

You can have both, you can do amazing things, you can start companies that impact the world, you can make a difference in the world AND have a meaningful life. They two paths are not mutually exclusive. 

The very “baggage” so many try to avoid is what I have found makes the work worth it.

Over the last 20 years, Alice my incredible life partner has taught me many lessons, her wisdom has saved me millions of dollars, and some of her ideas have become amazing opportunities.

I can’t imagine living life without this incredible person. We have worked hard to create a lifestyle of learning and teaching for our family. Our 4 kids are subjected to a constant stream of learning, opportunities, hard work, and hopefully an example from me of a better way, a counter-cultural way for sure, but a way that honors the gift we have called time. 

Find that person, find that relationship that makes the struggle worth it, the one that makes the victories so much sweeter. 


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram Post:

Find someone that makes the work worth it

@alicebehnke IS the differentiator that empowers me as an entrepreneur

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