So often the harsh, unkind manipulative people are viewed as strong. They take, they push, they force their way. ?It’s almost as if their sheer will is the cause for their desires to happen.

Humbleness, kindness, truth, forgiveness; these are often viewed as weakness, seen as giving up and giving in.

Ironic really. The very characteristics viewed as strong are in fact weak.

It’s easier to lie than telling the truth. Kindness in the midst of stressful situations is by far more difficult. Manipulation often allows for a shortcut through the hard work of building relationships, trust, and doing what’s right.

The right way is almost always “harder.”

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”

This is profound wisdom that runs in direct opposition to what we see today, what’s celebrated in our culture.

Which in fact, actually makes it all that much more challenging. Not only is it truly the harder path, but it’s often looked down upon.

These truths, in many ways, make it even more necessary.

Very few take the hard path, very few take the less glamorous road, but it’s the high road, the road for the real leaders, the difference makers, the honest people who’s ethics, morals, and values won’t be shaken by popular culture.

Take the high road, embrace kindness and truth.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Kindness and truth are not weakness, but strength

I love crater lake; it’s beauty IS strength, took this shot a few weeks back with my kids on a hike!

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