Work work work work.

I’m going to work hard, put in the 60 – 70 hour weeks so I can earn money to provide the kind of life my kids deserve. The Kind of life I want them to have, the kind of life I didn’t have.

I just need to put in the time for 35 – 40 years so hopefully, I can retire, finally relax, and maybe even start to live a little.


Frankly, our culture is pretty jacked up (putting it lightly).

We miss so many of the most important things in life. We worry so much, we work so much, we fight, strive, and claw our way to the top and for what. So we can finally rest one day? So we can finally spend time with the ones we love and the ones we care about?

Are you kidding, that is seriously freaked up.?

What about investing in what will last beyond our life, what about investing in the people around us that can learn from us. What about investing in our kids our families, our marriages?

What would it look like if men started to put the same energy into their family, into their kids, into their marriages as they put into their careers?

It would quite literally change the world.

I can think of nothing with a higher return than the investment into the future generation. I can think of nothing nobler than to empower our future by spending time with the ones that will be running the show someday.

Are your priorities straight?

If you found out this afternoon you had six weeks to live would you change things on your calendar? Would you change every single thing on your calendar?

Maybe it’s time to make a few adjustments, maybe it’s time to invest time, instruction, & wisdom into some of the people in your life.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: ?

Time, instruction, & wisdom are some of the greatest gifts you can pass on

My 15 year old captured this picture of me working with my 7 & 8-year-old kids on a project, such awesome and valuable time spent with them!

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