Everyone starts for a reason. Everyone has a vision, a purpose, a mission when they begin.

Journeys are long though, they have a way of causing forgetfulness.

They have a way of distracting us with the mundane to the point where we very easily forget entirely why we began altogether.

It’s so important to always keep your goals in sight. Keep our vision clear, slow down if you must, but do NOT lose sight of the reason you began.?

I’m a private pilot, I love to fly every chance I get, so many lessons in life seem to tie back to flying in some direct or indirect way.

Navigation. Flying from one city to another with your flight path off just a few degrees and you will miss the destination city entirely.

Not miss the airport, miss the entire city.

Small distractions become big distractions. Seemingly insignificant steps become incredible leaps. A few degrees becomes hundreds of miles.

It all happens subtly, it happens quietly, and when you least expect it.

It’s so important to keep your purpose in view. Keep you mission top of mind, ensure on a daily basis if necessary that your goals fall in alignment with your long-term vision.

Check yourself often, check yourself with brutal honesty.

No matter what, do NOT lose sight of the beginning.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIt0_n8A_au/

Don’t lose sight of the beginning.

Found this beautiful road in Columbia Country near Vernonia, deep in Oregon Back Country.

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